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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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have an opinion from herman cain them out. have a great night. we will see right after tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. tonight the obama administration is struggling to reconcile previous contradictory public statements by the president, the secretary of state and the u.n. ambassador on libyan terrorist attacks. state department officials telling a house investigative committee that they never told anyone in the obama administration or anyone else for that matter, the terrorist attacks in bghazi were linked in any way whatsoever to an anti-muslim internet video. a video that the president
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himself over a three-week period of the cause of those attacks. someone in the administration is clearly not telling the truth. the house oversight committee chairman, daell issa, is not pleased. the president cannot be pleased. the public statements are contravened by both evidence and testimony now before the oversight committee. listen to secretary of state hillary clinton's remarks at andrews air force base at the return of the ceremonies for the four americans murdered in benghazi. >> we have seen rage and violen directed at american embassies over an awful, internet video that we had nothing to do it.
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it is hard for the american people to make sense of that, because it is senseless. lou: the administration's references to that internet the internet video as the incipient cause of the attacks is frequent and it was persistent. this is president obama, 11 days later, in front of the united nations general assembly, listen as the president continues to ace the blame over the benghazi terrorist attacks. >> there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. [applause] there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. there is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. lou: today, even after a state department official denied the video had ever been part of their assessment, clinton's
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undersecretary, patrick kennedy, tried to rationalize the words and actions of the administration end of the u.n. ambassador come susan rice. rice famously appeared on five talkshows the sunday after that attack and asserted the link between the ati-mohammed video and the benghazi attack. kennedy appeared in front of an oversight committee, attacking the intelligence community and blaming the inlligence community for ambassador rice is false statements to the american people. >> we have always made clear that we were giving the best information we had at the time. that information has evolved. if any career official would've said something, they would have said something from the intelligence community. lou: fox news said two weeks ago
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that the obama administration knew within 24 hours that the events of septemer 11 in benghazi were coordinated and premeditated attacks by terrorists with ties to al qaeda. >> the security and benghazi was a struggle. the situation remains uncertain and reports from some indicated is getting worse. security remain we. in april, there was oly one u.s. diplomatic security agts stationed there. we also struggled to obtain additional personnel. but we were never able to obtain the numbers we were comfortable with. lou: all of this will be analyzed and checked by our experts tonight.
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the latest from the campaign trail that is winding its way quickly to electio day. congressman ryan's big night, the vice presentas well, with us tonight is senator ron johnson, strong supporter of wisconsinite, it is all unfoldinthe way that the producer blockbuster of 2016. dinesh d'souza with us. affirmative action, back before the supreme court. the high court heard arguments today as to whether we can be a colorblind society. shannon bream was there. we will have the report for us coming out. the administrion is't reeling. a president seemingly off-balance. governor romney has taken a slight overall lead in national
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polls and the president seems to be criticized almost as vigorously by his friends is by governor romney. now we learn the defense secretary leon panetta has sent our troo to georgia. to make a clear statement of support to our jordanian allies and an unmistakable signal to turkey and iran to take some care and some caution. my guest tonight is no stranger to foreign policy. the white house is running from the political fallout and a crumbling middle east. joining us now is k.t. mcfarland. it is great to have you with us. let's start with the testimony before the house oversight committee,.
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>> what happens in an election year is that the policy misfires. the administration from the white house, wants to get as far away from the president as he can. so he has no idea who did what, when did they do it, who said what. evtually the dust settled and then what happens is the administration has to blame everybody. lou: it's inconceivable thathe president of the united states three weeks into this tragedy is talking about an internet video and not talking abo terrorism, the terrorists who killed an american ambassador and at the me time, the parent steps fo retribution. lou:
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>> why are they doing it? >> they are doing it because as was pointed out, we are three-week summer presidential election. lou: the idea that a number of other officials today testified before the committee and acted as if the u.s. ambassador is not dead, two navy seals, four americans, and there doesn't seem to be the slightest concern by the state department that the record be corrected and the reasons for thr death. >> who made that decision? and those those are not decisions made at a low level.
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the second thing i would like to know is what both attacks started? why did we not try to rescue them and get other forces there, we had other forces in tripoli. what about the military forces that we have in sicily? lou: and the time in which it took for them to be murred by the terrorists.
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iran and turkey, isn't our expectation we will see more of our troops go there? what is the likely mission here? >> what makes me nervous is this an awful lot like 1983 when we sent marines into beirut as a signal to everybody in the area that the marines were killed. i am very nervous about chemical weapons in syria and where are they going. the same thing with you tonight, everyone was talking about qadhafi. i cared about those unaccounted for men. i am much more concerned today. who is going to get their hands on them. lou: are you satisfied that we have some sense of where they are? any reason that we should leave intelligence is better today than what was happening in iraq in 2000?
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>> i sure hope that we finally learned after libya because chemical weapons are almost as dangerous as nuclear weapons are not part of the world. lou: k.t. mcfarland, thank you. >> much more on benghazi. we will be picking that up with the "a-team" coming out. arguments on affirmative action held today. some say are about to become a colorblind society. shannon bream was ere and she has the story. vice president joe biden has been prepping all we week with congressman ryan. senator ron johnson from a strong suprter of governor romnee's and congressman paul ryan joins us. to tell us whether theould-be vp is ready. vp is ready. he is so excited for that
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lou: in the vice presidential candidate debating the one and only time in this election cycle tomorrow night in kentucky. we will be joined by ron johnson, a senator to get his entirely objective view of how congressman ryan is likely to do. we have had to offer his perspectives on this race. first, we want to turn to wall street where stocks extended the losing streak. the dow jones industrial average posting a second straight triple digit loss, dwn 129 points. chevron dragging the dow lower, stock down more than 4%. the feds fed's beige book report in the economy expanded modestly from mid august to september, the residential housing market
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employment consumer sppnding remaining flat. meanwhile, wholesale businesses increasing stockpiles in august, sales rising for the first time in four months, inventories and half of a percent. turning back to politics, joining us live from danville kentucky, senator ron johnson, member of the senate budget and appropriations committee. strong supporter of the governor, mitt romney. good to ve you wh us, senator we met harry doing? >> i'm doing great. a lot riding on this debate tomorrow nigt. congressman ryan, he is pretty nimble on the budget. you think that he is ready to do as well as the government that is well as president obama
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>> nobody knows more about the federal budget and paul ryan does. nobody has put forward more serious proposals by paul ryan. i would eect this to be an interesting evening. he is no slouch in these things. he's going to have a real problem, the same problem the president obama had. he has a record that is almost impossible. he is going to have a tough time tomorrow, i think. lou: congressman ryan, doing very well, voters split 44% with a favorable view, 44% unfavorable for the vice president. 51% view, unfavorable, we used to call that negative. 39% readable.
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congressman ryan, has a modest advantage. i don't know how ththat will influence the outcome. i think it's still going to be all about performance. the last thing that i remember is that lloyd bentsen said to dan quayle, you are no jack kennedy. it turned out that lloyd bentsen was no vice president, either. because it just didn't matter. will this thing matters subsequently to the outcome of the presidential election? >> i think you will be an important evening. an opportunity for him to show america what a wonderful human being he is. his level of integrity and intelligence and his knowledge about the budget. let's face it, we are facing a predictable cisis in this nation and theeason why i was so excited when governor romney pics paul ryan is not only do i know him as a fine human being,
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but he also, his actions put forward real solutions. at is so critically important nowadays when america is hungry for leadership, which this president simply has not. paul has been providing that leadership and that is what we sawhat governor romney as well. someone who had a command presents. he helps to get the legislation passed and i will be a critical difference. >> will he be able to do as well if they score as well, will he be able to post a historic victory over vice president biden as governor romney did over president obama? will he have that kind of strong knight, do you expect? >> i'm giving you a chance to manage the expectations.
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joe biden has been a long time around. he is quite the talker. it is going to be impossible for vice president biden to defend a record of failure. median household income has declined by $4500 during this administration, and here is the real kicker, that has occurred during the obama recovery. the one thing people don't realize is the recession had bottomed out by the time the presidenobama really started serving. just a couple of months into this term, w only lost 12% of the gdp. >> we have 20 million americans out of work. >> that is the most telling metric at all points. >> that is a huge metric at all
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points. lou: senator, we wish you a lot of luck and we will enjoy kentucky as always. >> i will, good night. lou: up next, troops gathering along the border with syria and jordan. washington has been insisting that we are not going to directly intervene. dinesh d'souza is here to tell us what is going on in obama's america and wth our troops abroad. the supreme court takes up the question of the future of affirmative action. shannon bream was there for the argument and she will be next with the
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lou: the obama justice
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department rejecting claims that the south carolina law that requires voters to show photo id discriminate against minorities, since there is four wks remain to election day. that law will not be allowed to go into effect until, however, next year. arguments in the supreme court case today could change affirmative action poicies. shannon bream has the report. >> what we want? diversity. >> tay, the supreme court was taxed witheciding just how far colleges and universities can go, if at all, when it cmes to factoring rates intoheir admissions decision. abigail fisher said that she didn't get into the university of texas at austin, claiming that let's are qualified minorities were given preference over her simply because she is white. >> i hope that the court rules
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that as soon as race and ethnicity should not be a part of admission. reporter: as i understand their position, race is balanced against other issues, like socioeconomics, the strength of the classes people tell, it is never a standalone. >> we have made a great deal of progress on our campus and throughout the united states. >> something to the university struggles to identify with today despitnumerous questions like this one from the chief justice, john roberts.
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what is the logical endpoint, when will i know that you have rehed a critical point? the court could narrowly decide this case. this one from the university of texas at austin, where they could take a bolder ep and actually go back and overturn some of their earlier decisions on affirmative action, either way, it will probably come down who had a lot of tough questions for both sides today, justice anthony kennedy. >> it is interesting. this were divesity is starting to sound a lot like the word piracy to me. at least in constitutional terms. it is not to be found in the constitution. the questi by the chief justice today, asking the point of critical mass,ound little bit like sandra day o'connor, speculating whether it will be 25 years or what length of time will it be. what is your sense? which way is this court leaning? what are the answers to the
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question? they took u a question which means that they are willing to consider it. >> we have a couple of factors at play. justice elena kagan from the newest justice on the court, she sat out and that leaves us with a justices and the possibility of a tie. of course, if that happens, the lower court decision upholding the university of texas policy, union raates would be good law. but here's where it comes down to. the nitty-gritty. we do think it's going to come down to the justice in this case, anthony kennedy. we have a lot of tough questions for both sides. today, he seeme to feel that he was uncomfortable with the fac that it was being used in a way that was good.
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lou: we will have much more on affirmative action and the south carolina voter id law being upheld. we will have the "a-team" coming up next. president obama sending our troops to the jordanian border with syria. governor romney surging ahead in the polls, and a house hearing today exposing the conflict and contradiction in the obama administration statements on bya. author and producer of 2016. obama's america, dinesh d'souza, isere with his perspective next. jim lehrer, candy crowley, all moderators of the 2012 debate and all liberal. did someone think that we wouldn't notice? is the obama administration line about the terrorist attacks in libya? can president obama recover? will governor romney will the president in the next debate as
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visit floodsmart.g/pretend to learn your risk. >> i had not seen in the attack as such ferocity and intensity previously in libya, north my time with the diplomatic security service. i am concerned this attack signals a new security reality, just as the 1983 beirut marine barracks bombing did for the marines, the 1998 east africa embassy bombings did for the state department, and september 11th did for our entire country. lou: a new security reality. erica nordstrom top, the results security officer in libya testifying today before the house oversight committee, he contacted state department headquarters in both march and july of this year. he asked for additional security in benghazi. he received no response.
10:34 pm
a new fox poll shows only 37 percent of voters approved the way the president has and libya. 46 percent disapproved. joining us now to assess what is going on on the campaign trail and the foreign-policy of this country, the executive producer, co-writer, director of the movie 2016, obama's america. it is the number to political documentary of all time and will be released as a dvd next uesday. the october 16th. if you don't have a pen and we will have it up on to remind you. a new book because he is never, ever too busy to do something. obama's america, and making the american dream. good to have you with this. >> a pleasure. lou: list with what is transpiring right now in washington. the committee, house oversight. the questions continue. without answer. the answers that ae provided are in contradiction within the
10:35 pm
administration. this is a foreign-policy in tatters. it is a tragedy in libya. right now this administration is refusing to big knowledge its dimensions and cause. your reaction? >> i think that the obama people are very nervous about libya because egypt is a disaster. egypt is that devolving into the hands of the muslim brotherhood. lou: it is in there. >> obama could say that was an indigenous uprising in that might have supported the we support democracy. in libya obama used direct force to push out a guy, khaddafi, who was at least doing business with america, adding terorist campaign preparations. obama has show that the replacement -- lou: he can't live. he can't sit there and lie to the american people. he has talked about the ridiculous internet video, and time muslim amateurish cartoonish the vdeo as the
10:36 pm
incipient point of the attacks that led to the death as ambassor christopher stephens. its other nonsense. and the state department itself has testified that was nonsense3 fox news, we have reported for two weeks that intelligence sources have confirmed a new that ithin 24 hours. >> obama knws, he gets those in his daily security briefing, radical muslims are on the rise. lou: the one see tens? >> obama knows the goal of the radical muslim is to bring down one by one america's allies and replace them with regimes that are anti-israel and anti-american. this is happening throughout the muslim world. but obama has to camouflage the reality because it will show that ultimately america's foreign policy in the middle east has been disastrous. american influence has been greatly curtailed. it used to be that you could not make a deal in the middle east without american approval, if not american initiation.
10:37 pm
now it seems like america has become a bit of a paper tiger in the region. think that is the way obama wants his committee can tell the erican people that. lou: can't tell e american people that tall but he can't, can he not, be compelled to tell the truth about th effectiveness policies and what the consequences of those policies are, obvious. those consequences are obvious to us. >> this is why i think the burden does fall on romney. you can say that the mainstream media is not going to force obama to tell the truth. lou: saucedo at. >> they are in his camp. it think it is morally urgent that this man be reelected. racial goodness is a stake. this has been going on for four years. is the reason why we don't know. lou: don't you think we're over that? i think the countries of president absolutely implode on estates. his capacity rvealed, the deficit that he has with governor romney and his ability to articulate and to communicate his vision, his principles.
10:38 pm
>> is it to be overwhelming. >> i think it is the media cobbling of bama over four years as weakening his ability to debate. here was a guy who is so you stay sycophantic pre that i think he did so terribly because he is just not used to anyone challenging him in an effective way, and romney did that. abolish it had be able to handle that. lou: and trying to find a point at which in 2008 he was such a great debater because it does not come to me. what i witnesse for governor romney was a man who found his full voice, his full capacity, and absolutely dominated the evening. i did not -- i think, you know, to me it appeared that president obama was taking instruction. >> but it's not easy for the president to has inside information, all this intelligence at his disposal to fare so badly, and that same
10:39 pm
part of the reason i think he did is because these is a man has been spoiled by public genuflection. spoiled by the ft that he is up by questions day in and bail out. he's just not used to somebody even moderately compent putting him up against the wall. lou: he refers that -- prfers the role of i can be. >> see almost look irritated that the questions are even being raised. his superior performance was ev being questioned. lou: in are you surprised? up in nearly every major poll. carried t whahas been in the course of the week an historic transformation. he has moved from underdog tough by an admittedly small national marginally think. >> it is very reassuring. for while it looks like the republicans are running with the land force. almost like other people had to grab the wars and put them over the winning -- finally romney
10:40 pm
has come into his own. i hope he can keep that momentum of. obama is vey beatable this year, but the key is to make oba the issue. make this an election of obama versus obam lou: this thought. the opportunity to speak with you. always great to see you, but i think it is instructive as well that governor romney dominated the eveng and seize the moment as well as the ad when he stood on the stage alone with president obama without suprt, without people helping and ossed the finish line. i thght maybe there is a great lesson in thatfor the governor and for his campaign. good to see you. >> a pleasure. lou: up next, as if the liberal slant of the presidential debate moderator is or not enough, new reports reveal one moderator in particular knows the president pretty well. president obama claims he was being too polite in last week's debate. amazing how it took so long for that to occur.
10:41 pm
the "washington post" as a somewhat different take on his posted declines. we will share those with you. coming up tomorrow, president obama dropping in the polls facing serious questions about a cover-up and libya. former new hampshire governor, chief of staff and the white house president way in. congressman mike rogers, the head of the select intelligence committee, former bush adviser, all among our guests. bnp will join us. we're coming right back with much more. ♪ these fellas used capital one venture miles
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heartburn symptoms causedelve by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. lou: critics are raising concerns about the moderator in tomorrows vice-presidential debate accusing her of having a clear political bias. it turns out president obama attended abc correspondent martha reticence first wedding back in 1991. abc news calllng the llegations absurd saying she is known for
10:45 pm
her tough and fair reporting. this year's moderator's are -- well, there are a few liberals year. here is crowley bashing congressman paul ryan when he was chosen for the republican ticket back in august. >> not every republican has signed onto this -- i men, they will publicly, but there is some trepidation that this might be -- look alike some sort of ticket death wish. nomy gosh. do we really want to talk about these things? is this where we want to o? we could have stayed on the economy. lou: the host of the moderator. next week's presidential debate. the president apparently thinks he's too much of a gentleman today. his disastrous to the performaace last week. governor omey to store mob.
10:46 pm
>> the debate, i think, fair to say i was just too polite. it's hard to keep on saying what you're saying is untrue. it's repetive. the good news is that is just the first one. lou: that was not easy to say. not only is the present plight. he is a polite wire according to the washington post fact checker. they're giving the president for pinocchio's for his claim that governor romney wants to kill big bird. did not think it would get him in here tonight. we did wanted to kill big bird to support the rich. newly uncovered satellit images show the secret training ground to practice the mission. there it is. but laden's actual compound. the image in the middle of the right is taken in february of
10:47 pm
last year. cia training facility in north carolina. imes of the same site taken earlier this year show the compound has vanished. the mystery of cover operations. american business owners speaking out aout president obama. another four years of his policies would do to this dodgers economy. the voters are listening. policy would have to say. washington d.c. the coming right bak. stay with us.
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♪ lou: joining me now, the
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"a-team", political analyst, a consultant to has advised amongst others president clinton, joining us, democratic strategist, former rnc sppke spermaceti the spokesperson, columnist. let's start with that hearing today. i mean, that is tough stuff. this is administration caught in conservation, contradiction of its own public statements. your impression of the hearing and its import. >> well, used a lot of fancy words to describe the word line. that is what is happening. what is going to be very interesting is that tomorrow night is going to be joe biden you will be in the hot seat having to defend this and explain this and try and tap dance arund things. if he does at least as good job as jake carney has been doing i think it is good news for paul ryan. lou: the point is your not trying to get caught with facts. as obvious by the cmments are making. clearly we have to have the facts put on the table in a
10:52 pm
serious, professional investigation of what transpired, and nothing is more reprehensible. i have seen a lot in national politics, seeing the exportation of the tragic death of four brave americans just for partisan political purposes. >> i think you are already starting with the obama administration. try and deny the fact that there have been caught in a line. they're out and not denying. lou: wait. i am -- i can see passions are running igh. i'm going to ask that you a least allow one another to finish a cesus. >> the following point. if tomorrow night paul ryan and joe biden waste their time on this discussion there will have wasted a good opportunity. ryan's job is to go after the administration and biden's job is to go and get the older voters. ryan is off base on social security and medicare. lou: & the charge for both men, but my question is about these hearings in washington,
10:53 pm
investigating very serious matters. the killing of four aerican citizens, inluding two former seals. a foreign service officer and an ambassador. what in the world, robert, is wrong with pursuing that investigation? is it not the responsibility of this house oversight committee? under if the reasons that security was denied. our ambassador, obviously a violent, deadly location, benghazi libya. kutcher absolutely right. this belongs the subject of congressional hearings, an independent commission as well prompted to invest your what transpired. intolerable watching partisan operatives use words likeie or to say that there were no rescue attempts made on the people. lou: excuse me, if i may. the president of the united states and his entire campaign is using lines as a strategy in the campaign trail. it is unprecedented in scale and
10:54 pm
dimension of this affront. to political history in this country. >> it is quite a story when you have both the romney campaign and the obama campaign attacking each other in a political debate. ry different agenda when we are talking about the tragic death of four americans, to allow it to become a political game. >> it is not politicized. untuck about what was said and what then came out. this demonstration has been caught in lies. jay carney is beside himself denying things that he is on tape saying. they never said -- it was about the video. claiming that -- >> that's not what they're saying, and you know that. lou: okay. >> the political problem here is a simple one. the president's best suit is killing obama -- osama b law and end of an agenda for. what this does is wekens his best suit and it is a severe political problem as well as a moral one, and americans tend not to like american citizens
10:55 pm
killed oversea they take it personally. if there is any question about it it will take even more deeply personally. lou: also a political problem for the president because he has been known not to b attending his briefings in person. lou: this is not the talking point. >> the conversation. [talking over each other] lou: he has not been talking about in gauzy. he has not been talking about creating jobs. how big a problem is that for the president? >> that's be factual. governor romney brought up the bird as an example of the subsidy was going to cut. lou: that is no part of what i ask you. i'm quite familiar. "i am asking you straightforwardly is what will be the cost of the president. >> talking about big bird and going back to talk about the economic growth. >> lou, big cost. no one likes the big bird. you can't make jokes. they don't want to see this. lou: that question about big
10:56 pm
bird rather than benghazi? >> you have to move. lou: right to be with you. good to see you. always good to see you. great to have you here. we appreciate it. brad of time. up next, one viewer takes an interesting guest about where o.j. has been for 15 days. o.j. has been for 15 days. en we got briefing. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go io this next phase, you know, a big rt of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
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